Litigation Support

Litigation Support

by Magneto
Magneto provides assistance locating and interviewing witnesses, obtaining evidence and uncovering facts. We also have extensive experience finding even the most carefully hidden assets, which are frequently concealed to avoid detection during litigation.
Due Diligence

Another area of support is performing due diligence investigations. Our discreet, comprehensive investigations can reveal factual information and insight about business entities and their principles that go well beyond what a standard background check would ever uncover.

Process Serving

We Assist in giving legal notice to a party (usually the defendant) requiring them to respond to a proceeding scheduled to be held before a court, government body, or tribunal.

Our Process Serving services that we offer as Magneto include the following:
  • Service of Process:We serve your Summonses, Complaints, Writs, Subpoenas, and other documents.
  • Issuing and Filing at the Court:Our process servers will attend local courthouses on your behalf to issue documents in a new action or add to an existing file.
  • Litigation Searches:Our process servers will attend the local courthouses and search court records for requested documents.

Our clients include some of the most highly respected law firms in the Uganda, Europe, USA, Asia, and Australia and in Africa, who have relied on Magnetos expertise and integrity for years.