Our Commitment

Our Commitment

by Magneto
Magneto’s main Principal is “TRUST”, Trust only Magneto if you’re looking for professional Private Investigation, Consultancy, and Research Services in East Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and other parts of Africa.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. A client’s satisfaction is our definition of success. Our commitment to our clients is both professional and personal. Our decisions are made locally and we understand the impact they have on our clients.

Objective & Strategic Professional Advice

We are committed to providing our clients with objective risk and research management. Our advice is motivated by one concern alone – the best cost reduction solution of our clients. Our service partners and professional investigators are skilled and knowledgeable advisers are respected for their experience and ability to strategically apply their expertise to each client’s individual circumstances.

Integrated & Comprehensive Services

We are committed to our clients. We have a comprehensive array of private investigation and risk management services through the resources from our professional partners. These services are coordinated and tailored to fit each client’s individual circumstances and requirement. We do not sell pre-packaged products; we build relationships.

Fair & Fully Disclosed Fees

We are committed to providing our clients with fair and fully disclosed fees. Our fees are based on the specific circumstance, situation we manage, and services provided for each individual need.